NFT stars 一代新星跨链NFT 燃起!

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2021年6月3号15:00是币圈花哥&NFT ama,主题“NFT stars 一代新星跨链NFT 燃起!”

2021年6月3号15:00是币圈花哥&NFT ama,主题“NFT stars 一代新星跨链NFT 燃起!”


Q1:请简要先容一下自己,并为大家先容NFT Stars。

Q1:Please introduce yourself briefly and introduce NFT Stars .

A1: Good day everyone!

First things first, my name is Anthony Checo and I am the COO of the NFT STARS project- new revolutionary NFT Marketplace. (nftstars.app)

A1: 大家好!

我是 Anthony Checo,我是 NFT STARS 项目的首席运营官 - NFT STARS带来了新的NFT 的革命性市场。 (nftstars.app)

Q2:可以简述一下NFT Stars的核心优势吗?

Q2:Could you outline the core advantages of NFT Stars?

A1: Of course!

NFTSTARS is not just a usual marketplace such as rarible/opensea or anything similar, it is a whole unique ecosystem that consists out of many products inside it.

To outline the core products:

1- AR-layer solution - an opportunity to get into the NFT AR gallery using a mobile application that will be no different to a real-life exhibition.

2- NFT Quests - First quests with the help of NFT in the world, also played a role in creative marketing for us as well as creating a big community for the NFT Stars.

3- Fractional Trading - sale of high-value tokens in parts

4- Initial NFT Offering - Creative Launchpad using unique Shadow Staking system.

5- Pricing Scanner is a unique tool for evaluating NFT in the current market

当然,NFT STARS不只是Rarible或Opensea这样的普通市场。它更是整个生态系统,其中包含许多独特的产品,这就是使其变得独一无二的原因。

大家的平台具有以下独特功能 :

1 AR层解决方案-使用移动应用程序进入NFT AR画廊的能力

2 NFT 探索活动- 在NFT的帮助下进行创意营销

3 零散交易-出售零件中的高价值代币

4 NFT初始发行- 创意的启动器

5 Pricing Scanner是评估当前市场中NFT价值的独特工具。


Q3:在 NFT Stars 中,是通过哪些措施来保证 NFT 作品质量的

Q3:In NFT Stars, what measures are taken to ensure the quality of NFT works?

A3: In NFT STARS we have fully thought of the quality since all actions are taking to change the NFT industry from quantity to quality.

We have a screening process where there are over 10 different people being involved (out of which a few are the artists themselves) that are reviewing the works of every applicant, which means that all possible social media/workspaces and many other various factors are being checked to verify the authenticity and the creativity of the artist.On the other hand, we will also have a DAO voting for the NFTS token holders - so if the community wants some artist in, it may be so.

A3: 大家想改变NFT的市场,以质量为导向。

大家有一个筛选过程,其中有 10 多个不同的人参与(其中一些是艺术家)大家会审查每个申请人的作品,这意味着所有社交媒体/工作空间和许多其他各种因素都在检查以验证艺术家的真实性和创造力。

另一方面,大家还将为 NFTS 代币持有者进行 DAO 投票——所以如果社区想要一些艺术家。

Q4:在 NFT Stars 平台中,实行委员会有哪些成员组成

Q4:What are the members of the executive committee in the NFT Stars?

A4: You could check the team page on https://nftstars.app/en/artist/But here is the screenshot of the core members of our team:

您可以在 https://nftstars.app/en/artist/ 上查看团队页面:


Q5:How does the NFT pricing scanner work in the NFT Stars?

Q5:NFT Stars 平台中 NFT定价扫描仪的运行原理是什么

A5: The NFT Pricing scanner is very simple to use- all you have to do is upload your picture and then it does the evaluation upon the similar looking pictures which then tells you a rough price of how much it might cost.

A5: NFT定价扫描仪


Q6:NFT Stars 平台中是如何解决 NFT 作品的流动性的

Q6:How does the NFT Stars solve the flow of NFT works?

A6:That's a good question.

We've thought it through and already prepared a big team to ensure the flow processing. Of course, every work will be going through the screening process to ensure its authentication.

Every art is unique, but we want to make sure that all NFT STARS users are only going to be seeing the high-quality works from the artists that were authenticated.



每件艺术品都是独一无二的,但大家希翼确保所有 NFT STARS 用户会经过认证的艺术家的高质量作品。

Q7:在 NFT Stars 平台上,艺术家之间可以协作创建 NFT 作品,协作创建的NFT 作品,是如何解决收益分配的

Q7:On the NFT Stars, artists can collaborate to create NFT works. How does the revenue distribution of the collaboratively created NFT works?

Answering your question- it can be done in any way the artists want it to be. It all also depends on the process they have built.

But it will be possible to share the % of the work being set up to ensure its security for the other artists.

That will be manageable when uploading the NFT for sale.

A7:回答您的问题 - 可以以艺术家希翼的任何方式完成。这一切也取决于他们建立的过程。一组艺术家可以将一个NFT作品作为一个团队来创建,其销售收益将分配给所有团队成员。在上传 NFT 进行销售时,这将是可以管理的。 

Q8:请谈谈 NFT Stars 的开发进程和未来发展计划

Q8:Please talk about the development process and future plans of NFT Stars .

A8:We are acting realistically: our program is the minimum - to get into the Top 8 largest NFTplatforms, while settling in our unique niche - exclusive work with the world's best artists, brands and celebrities. On the other side, we are also planning on making first on the world NFT Exhibition in Australia now, and once it goes successfully, we will further start opening Exhibitions in Moscow and Dubai.

As for now, we are already negotiating with major world stars and are preparing several exclusive drops, which we will announce in the near future. I am sure most of you will enjoy the NFTSTARS.app once it comes out at the beginning of June. 

Finally, we also have an IDO coming up soon on the 5th of June on many different platforms!

Bscpad https://bscpad.com/projects

A2dao https://launchpad.a2dao.com/

Samurai https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/launch-pad/nft-stars

Flybit https://flybit.com/wow/detail/261

We have also laucnhed our TG group on Chinese! https://t.me/NFTSTARSCHINA  So if you have any questions about NFTs you can join this telegram group !



大家已经与世界各地的主要明星进行接触,并且正在准备独特的的空投奖励,大家将在不久的将来宣布这些消息。 我相信,NFTSTARS.app在6月初发布后,大多数人都会喜欢它。


Bscpad https://bscpad.com/projects

A2dao https://launchpad.a2dao.com/

Samurai https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/launch-pad/nft-stars

Flybit https://flybit.com/wow/detail/261

大家也有telegram, 如果你有任何关于NFT的疑问,可以通过链接加入telegram: https://t.me/NFTSTARSCHINA


Q9:Ok,thanks for the answer for NFT group!

A9: Thank you guys! It was a pleasure to be in here .Please visit our IDO on the 5th of June!



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